I get to know and work with some pretty amazing people. Have a look at this Riverview wedding in Simsbury. The weather was HOT but what’s new! Ashley and Chris were troopers and just went with the flow. A little anti-humidity hair spray and a few sweat wipes saved the day. I love their first look on the Drake Hill flower bridge in Simsbury. Here’s a look at what I had the honor of documenting.


Venue: The Riverview | Makeup Artist: Beauty Bar | Florist: Moscarillos Garden Shop | Caterer: The Riverview | Dress: Mariella’s Creations
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Central Park Engagement | Carissa + Chris

What a cool day this was. Even though the humidity was at an all time high we survived and had a really good shoot. We started at the Conservatory Garden, went for a canoe ride, played around in some huge bubbles and finished off the day with a snow cone. Check out some of my favorites. Thanks Carissa and Chris for a great day.

car_chris_e_002 car_chris_e_003 car_chris_e_007 car_chris_e_012 car_chris_e_023 car_chris_e_036 car_chris_e_039 car_chris_e_044 car_chris_e_051 car_chris_e_055 car_chris_e_056 car_chris_e_067 car_chris_e_071 car_chris_e_076 car_chris_e_088 car_chris_e_097 car_chris_e_099 car_chris_e_104 car_chris_e_111 car_chris_e_125 car_chris_e_134 car_chris_e_138 car_chris_e_154 car_chris_e_177 car_chris_e_181 car_chris_e_190 car_chris_e_195 car_chris_e_198 car_chris_e_204 car_chris_e_211 car_chris_e_217 car_chris_e_222 car_chris_e_240 car_chris_e_250 car_chris_e_254 car_chris_e_263 car_chris_e_272 car_chris_e_275 car_chris_e_280 car_chris_e_290 car_chris_e_298 car_chris_e_299 car_chris_e_306

East Haddam Riverhouse Wedding | Ali + Greg

I’ve been lucky enough to work with couples that are so welcoming and gracious. It allows me to blend, seamlessly into the wedding day which helps play into my style and vision. With Ali and Greg I felt like a part of the group. The more I can blend into the day the more genuine the images become. It allows me to document the wedding as it happens rather than trying to “create” moments. Here is a look at some of my favorite images/moments of their day.


Venue: The Riverhouse | Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Top Level Salon | Florist: Ashleigh’s Garden | Cake Artist: Cakes By Donna | Dress: Stylish Impressions | DJ: Local Motion Entertainment

ali_greg_w_0006 ali_greg_w_0021 ali_greg_w_0044 ali_greg_w_0076 ali_greg_w_0082 ali_greg_w_0112 ali_greg_w_0122 ali_greg_w_0128 ali_greg_w_0133 ali_greg_w_0162 ali_greg_w_0152 ali_greg_w_0245 ali_greg_w_0248 ali_greg_w_0260 ali_greg_w_0264 ali_greg_w_0306 ali_greg_w_0321 ali_greg_w_0327 ali_greg_w_0329 ali_greg_w_0344 ali_greg_w_0361 ali_greg_w_0380 ali_greg_w_0399 ali_greg_w_0431 ali_greg_w_0442 ali_greg_w_0485 ali_greg_w_0508 ali_greg_w_0539 ali_greg_w_0550 ali_greg_w_0574 ali_greg_w_0582 ali_greg_w_0593 ali_greg_w_0609 ali_greg_w_0622 ali_greg_w_0642 ali_greg_w_0664 ali_greg_w_0690 ali_greg_w_0723 ali_greg_w_0735 ali_greg_w_0759 ali_greg_w_0762 ali_greg_w_0766 ali_greg_w_0787 ali_greg_w_0789 ali_greg_w_0823 ali_greg_w_0879 ali_greg_w_0898 ali_greg_w_0920 ali_greg_w_0985 ali_greg_w_1009 ali_greg_w_1020 ali_greg_w_1036 ali_greg_w_1050 ali_greg_w_1060 ali_greg_w_1070 ali_greg_w_1115 ali_greg_w_1145 ali_greg_w_1148 ali_greg_w_1173 ali_greg_w_1220 ali_greg_w_1324 ali_greg_w_1341 ali_greg_w_1347 ali_greg_w_1355 ali_greg_w_1361 ali_greg_w_1367 ali_greg_w_1374 ali_greg_w_1388 ali_greg_w_1405 ali_greg_w_1428 ali_greg_w_1444 ali_greg_w_1466 ali_greg_w_1506 ali_greg_w_1552 ali_greg_w_1559 ali_greg_w_1568 ali_greg_w_1574 ali_greg_w_1580 ali_greg_w_1604 ali_greg_w_1606 ali_greg_w_1611 ali_greg_w_1620 ali_greg_w_1665 ali_greg_w_1692 ali_greg_w_1731 ali_greg_w_1764