Wow another amazing couple. There was no doubt this was going to be a fun bunch to photograph. I photographed Jodi’s sisters wedding a few years back and it’s always an honor to get the chance to work with a great family again. Check out some of my favorites from their day.

jodi_joe_blog01 jodi_joe_blog02 jodi_joe_blog03 jodi_joe_blog04 jodi_joe_blog05 jodi_joe_blog06 jodi_joe_blog07 jodi_joe_blog08 jodi_joe_blog09 jodi_joe_blog10 jodi_joe_blog11 jodi_joe_blog12 jodi_joe_blog13 jodi_joe_blog14 jodi_joe_blog15 jodi_joe_blog16 jodi_joe_blog17 jodi_joe_blog18 jodi_joe_blog19 jodi_joe_blog20 jodi_joe_blog21 jodi_joe_blog22 jodi_joe_blog23 jodi_joe_blog24 jodi_joe_blog25 jodi_joe_blog26 jodi_joe_blog27 jodi_joe_blog28 jodi_joe_blog29 jodi_joe_blog30 jodi_joe_blog31 jodi_joe_blog32 jodi_joe_blog33 jodi_joe_blog34 jodi_joe_blog35 jodi_joe_blog36 jodi_joe_blog37 jodi_joe_blog38 jodi_joe_blog39 jodi_joe_blog40 jodi_joe_blog41 jodi_joe_blog42 jodi_joe_blog43 jodi_joe_blog44 jodi_joe_blog45 jodi_joe_blog46 jodi_joe_blog47 jodi_joe_blog48 jodi_joe_blog49 jodi_joe_blog50 jodi_joe_blog51 jodi_joe_blog52 jodi_joe_blog53 jodi_joe_blog54 jodi_joe_blog55 jodi_joe_blog56 jodi_joe_blog57 jodi_joe_blog58 jodi_joe_blog59 jodi_joe_blog60 jodi_joe_blog61 jodi_joe_blog62 jodi_joe_blog63 jodi_joe_blog64 jodi_joe_blog65 jodi_joe_blog66

Venue – Aria

Hair/Makeup – Catie & Amy

Videographer – Chad Whelan

Cake Artist – Modern Bakery
Florist – Gail Kamm


I don’t even know where to begin with this wedding and this couple. The minute we met and after the engagement shoot I knew this was going to be 1 of my favorite weddings to date and I couldn’t have been more right. The couple, their families, the location, the weather, the light, the moments…everything was just right. Check out  a bunch of my favorites. I had a little trouble narrowing the selections down. Enjoy this amazing wedding.

manganiello_blog001 manganiello_blog002 manganiello_blog003 manganiello_blog004 manganiello_blog005 manganiello_blog006 manganiello_blog007 manganiello_blog008 manganiello_blog009 manganiello_blog010 manganiello_blog011 manganiello_blog012 manganiello_blog013 manganiello_blog014 manganiello_blog015 manganiello_blog016 manganiello_blog017 manganiello_blog018 manganiello_blog019 manganiello_blog020 manganiello_blog021 manganiello_blog022 manganiello_blog023 manganiello_blog024 manganiello_blog025 manganiello_blog026 manganiello_blog027 manganiello_blog028 manganiello_blog029 manganiello_blog030 manganiello_blog031 manganiello_blog032 manganiello_blog033 manganiello_blog034 manganiello_blog035 manganiello_blog036 manganiello_blog037 manganiello_blog038 manganiello_blog039 manganiello_blog040 manganiello_blog041 manganiello_blog042 manganiello_blog043 manganiello_blog044 manganiello_blog045 manganiello_blog046 manganiello_blog047 manganiello_blog048 manganiello_blog049 manganiello_blog050 manganiello_blog051 manganiello_blog052 manganiello_blog053 manganiello_blog054 manganiello_blog055 manganiello_blog056 manganiello_blog057 manganiello_blog058 manganiello_blog059 manganiello_blog060 manganiello_blog061 manganiello_blog062 manganiello_blog063 manganiello_blog064 manganiello_blog065 manganiello_blog066 manganiello_blog067 manganiello_blog068 manganiello_blog069 manganiello_blog070 manganiello_blog071 manganiello_blog072 manganiello_blog073 manganiello_blog074 manganiello_blog075 manganiello_blog076 manganiello_blog077 manganiello_blog078 manganiello_blog079 manganiello_blog080 manganiello_blog081 manganiello_blog082 manganiello_blog083 manganiello_blog084 manganiello_blog085 manganiello_blog086 manganiello_blog087 manganiello_blog088 manganiello_blog089 manganiello_blog090 manganiello_blog091 manganiello_blog092 manganiello_blog093 manganiello_blog094 manganiello_blog095 manganiello_blog096 manganiello_blog097 manganiello_blog098 manganiello_blog099 manganiello_blog100 manganiello_blog101 manganiello_blog102 manganiello_blog103 manganiello_blog104 manganiello_blog105 manganiello_blog106 manganiello_blog107 manganiello_blog108 manganiello_blog109 manganiello_blog110 manganiello_blog111 manganiello_blog112

Caterer – Black Stone Caterers | Dress – The Bridal Suite | Band – Joe D’Elia & The Allstar Band | Hair/Makeup – New Leaf Hair Salon  | Florist – Blooming Occasions |Venue – Blithewold Mansion | 2nd shooter – Adam Coppola

  • aunt suzy - June 13, 2015 - 10:34 am

    Carolyn and Mike
    What awesome photos on such an awesome day!
    May GOD Bless you all your life!ReplyCancel

  • Virginia Manganiello - June 13, 2015 - 12:04 pm

    What FABULOUS pictures that truly capture THE MOST WONDERFUL day.!
    Words can’t express our gratitude and admiration for a job well done.
    Thank you for capturing everlasting memories.
    Bravo!!! Can’t wait to see more.
    Ginny &John Manganiello
    Mikes parentsReplyCancel