I hopped in my car early Thursday morning with a 5 hour drive ahead of me to Aurora NY. I don’t mind longer drives because it gives me a chance to think about how I’m going to approach a wedding, clear my head and think about what new things I want to try out. I had my sidekick Adam Coppola of Adam Coppola Photography along with me for the weekend which was such a huge help.

We arrived Thursday and photographed the rehearsal dinner, got some rest, woke up on Friday and captured a pretty amazing wedding day. The setting was a beautiful. Historical inn (Aurora Inn) right on Cayuga Lake, 1 of the Finger Lakes. The weather was perfect and the sunset looked like a painting. The people were happy, the emotions were real and the Guinness was flowing. Couldn’t ask to spend the weekend with a better couple. It was such a pleasure capturing this special day. Take a look and enjoy.

Venue: Aurora Inn

Florist: In Bloom

DJ: Ryan Bombard Entertainment

Makeup: Kris Kellogg

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Here’s part 1 of Ashley and Dan’s amazing wedding weekend. I had the awesome opportunity to spend the weekend with them up in Aurora NY on Cayuga Lake. The night of the rehearsal started at the Aurora Inn for a quick ceremony run-thru and then everyone headed over to a beautiful bistro with some amazing scenery.  Both nights the sunsets were just perfect. Here’s the 1st of 2 blog posts. The rehearsal. The wedding will be up next so check back soon. Enjoy a look at this beautiful event. And another thanks to Adam Coppola for coming along and grabbing some amazing photos.

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  • Adam Coppola - October 7, 2013 - 9:04 pm

    Thanks Tony, always great working with you. I always feel like I end up a much better photographer after collaborating on a project with you. Ashley and Dan were amazing to work for as well, I appreciated everything they did for us!ReplyCancel