If you don’t know someone and are trying to find out more about their business, services, personality etc, a lot of times you’ll look them up and check out their “about me” page. I myself have 1 and I can’t talk about myself without talking about my family. It’s everything to me, absolutely everything. Nothing is more important in my world.  Some will try to keep their business and personal photos/feelings/insights separate, and I thought about it, but it’s too much of who I am in all aspects of my life. So I feel like I’d be hiding a huge part of me if I didn’t share.  The collage below IS my about me page.

My favorite “personal” photos from 2013.

bestof2013004 bestof2013235 bestof2013357

Last week we were able to get into the Southington Crossfit building to play around with some lights and portrait stuff. If you’re on the fence about joining crossfit, stop by here, talk to the coaches and they’ll have you hooked. Great atmosphere.

Anyway here are a couple finished shots from the other day. Photo of me is courtesy of Rob Booth.

We’ll be back shooting more crossfitters sooon. Enjoy.


This setup is 1 alien bee in Beauty dish to light my face, 1 alien bee lighting the backdrop setup and 1 flash in the far back right corner lighting the brick wall


1 alien bee in a beauty dish

TSP_6447-2Again 1 light in a beauty dish TSP_6451

This is where I spend a lot of my life. I’m a sucker for before/after photos of projects so here is 1 of my own. This is a long overdue post, but I finally had the room clean enough to photograph. The wife would have words with me otherwise. I honestly love the feel of the room and the fact that the kids aren’t allowed in here…who I am kidding, they’re down here all the time. I’ve watched many a “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” down here.  Take a look at “my” space.

office01 office02 office03 office04 office05Love all of the little pieces down here like the driftwood from Block Island and the Mariano print from a game I shot at Yankee Stadium office06 office07 office08 office09This is my favorite area below. The shelves are made from pallet wood. office10The desk is made from an old door from the house and a couple ikea legs office11a few vintage cameras from antique shops office12My favorite print of Anthony office13 office14Pallet coffee table and my shelf above my tv office15 office16 office17 office18 office19 office20 office21 office22I wanted an easy way to swap photos on my wall so I made a little ledge to lean my framed prints SD7_4110 SD7_4141 SD7_4151I couldn’t be happier with the transformation.

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